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Send me two names and a number and I'll tell you which I'd rather:


1. save from a fire?
2. have taking care of me if I was sick?
3. spend a week alone with?
4. sneak into bed with?
5. booty call?
6. cook a romantic dinner for?
7. get drunk with?
8. tell my secrets?
9. go on a roadtrip with?
10. take care of if they were ill?
11. never talk to again?
12. drunkenly marry?
13. propose to?
14. commit a crime with?
15. have as my best friend?
16. have a threesome with?
17. cook for me?
18. serenade?
19. teach me something?
20. have a baby with?
21. never have met?

star457 asked:

"You're so weird."






"Ditto dude"

"Wanna do weird stuff, dude?"

“Depends…” Mikey said with a smile as he rested his cheek against his hand “what do you want to do?”

"We can go annoy your brothers, play "Say Uncle", or have a prank war."

“‘say uncle’? There are a lot of renditions of that game… though, as one who’s far too often been on the wrong end of that sport, I’m definitely up for it!”

“‘Say Uncle’ it is!” Star beamed. “For the rules, one gives up, has to say “Uncle”. Are you up for it, Mikey?”

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