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Danger inspired sentence memes:

  • "Only one of us is going to come out of this."

  • "What's wrong? Did you get hit?"

  • "Are they still after us?!"

  • "He/She won't get away with this."

  • "Pull the trigger already!"

  • "Don't pull the trigger!"

  • "Stay quiet and try not to be seen."

  • "You're going down."

  • "When are they going to make their move? The suspense is killing me."

  • "How do you intend to fight me when you don't know where I am?"

  • "Let him/her go!"

  • "You're under arrest."

  • "So what's your plan, genius?"

  • "Stay back or I'll ____ the _____!"

  • "Say goodbye to ____, you won't be seeing _____ again."

  • "This is all your fault!"

  • "I can't believe you dragged me into this."

  • "Let us go!"

  • "I'm not letting you out of here."

  • "You'll never take me alive!"

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